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Canine-Feline-Artist Submitting and Group Rules

Canine-Feline-Artist Rules:

Free cat face divider by XiahismFree cat face divider by XiahismFree cat face divider by Xiahism

PLEASE make sure you take the time to read through the groups rules - They are NOT here to be ignored.

Thank you.

Submitting Rules:

1. The deviation must follow the theme, which is about felines and canines may it be photography, anthros, non-anthros, plushies, stamps, hybrids, famous canines and felines, comics, fantasy canines and felines, and other crafts.

2. Members may submit up to 3 deviations per day in all the folders, expect for the reference sheet folder where members can only submit 1 submission per day . This number might decrease if it gets out of control, only for your own comfort. I understand how annoying it is when you get hundreds of deviations each day from one group.

3. Submitting of any anti-canine or feline art will result in a instant removal and banning from the group; So please be nice.

4. Taxidermy, real fur, or photos of real skulls are not welcome here, so please do not submit them.

5. Hyenas while related to felines, they are still considered their own species so due to this we will not be accepting them within this group. Sorry.

6. Adoptables/Auctions/YCH auctions/Free linearts/Memes are not accepted here, so please do not submit them.

7. Human/Humaniod art with canine or feline tails and ears are not considered canines, and therefore not accepted here. This includes extreme anime like cat/canine like characters.

8. Please do not submit any Blurry, poor quality photos of canines or felines, fursuits/crafts, or of artwork - This includes scraps and unfinished drawings-- This means drawings done on lined paper, or very messy sketches.

9. We do not allow literature within this group. Sorry. Comics however are accepted!

10. Please do not submit extreme mature content. If we feel the submission is too suggestive in theme, it be automatically declined. We are very strict with what mature art we do accept; so please be respectful of the younger members in this group, and keep the mature content to a minimum.

11. While we do not mind submissions of canines or felines with other animals/humans/creatures/ect we do still want the canine or the feline to be the main focus of the image. If we feel they are are not the main focus, the submission will be declined.

12. If you didn't draw it, please don't submit it. Collabs however are welcome, but it must be an actual collab and not something you randomly colored (i.e free lineart, commissions, ect).

Quality control:

We will be a tad more strict when choosing which deviations to allow in this group, so please don't think that it's anything personal if we decline your submission request. I repeat, it's nothing personal. We just want to keep this gallery enjoyable for the members and non members to view.

Standard Group Rules:

1. Theft is by no means tolerated in this group, and will result in an instant removal and being banned from the group.

2. Please do not spam the front page with advertisement regarding commissions, contest, raffles, ect- These comments will be hidden or flagged as spam.

3. Please submit your art in correct folders; Don't forget to read the description of folders if you don't know what kind of art you can submit there.

4. Hate Art aimed toward other members/deviants is NOT tolerated, and you will be warned or removed from the group. So please be nice.

5. Please direct all problems or concerns you may have through notes. All comments regarding any issues will be hidden and unanswered.

6. We here at Canine-Feline-Artist do not tolerate the disrespect of any group admin or group members. If we receive any notifications/complaints from other group members and if you are identified as a member of this group then you will be removed and blocked from this group permanently. So please be respectful.

Thank you,


Gallery Folders

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Snow leopard by Pihguinolog
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Grey Wolf Room Guardian by AnyaBoz
Fox avatar by Martith
Seven Run WIP- ANIMATION! :D by x-RainFlame-x
(PC) Wolf and Tabby Pixel Doll by Sinister-Jordex
Laser cannon!! by Bluerm
Africa -Pages 99 (With Narrated Video) by ARVEN92
Dyres cover by GypsyCo
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 287 by ARVEN92
Water Wolves_Prologue P9 by LuckyStarhun
Canines and Felines Together
Y si amanece por fin by Nothofagus-obliqua
Practice by captMeirin
The Tiger and the Fox. by Julis-Rocks
Playful Lovers (Speedpaint Added) by WindWo1f
Traditional Canines
Fox Paws by JamJams
Desert Fox. by 0laffson
Alone Wolf Moon by dawndelver
Dobbie by IllegalHamsterThe
Traditional Felines
Josephine by mareCaligine
Tiger by mareCaligine
Leopard by rivalmit
Starlight and Scars by LuxDani
Digital Canines
Dilbert the Cardigan Corgi by AerynTealac
Itchy lineart by Astarcis
[Commission] Aspen by Olvyn
Digital Felines
taiga by Meirii
.:Grooming Cats:. [Leon X Pandora] by Sorkah
Katsumi Kitty Kat by OkamiTammi
Art + Time Lapse video: Living on the Edge by Noukah
Canine Feline Hybrids
Margo by AtropaGrimm
What's This? by Treblematic
Thip by Treblematic
Sisters by AtropaGrimm
Canines and Felines with others
.: Galaxy Freedom :. by WhiteSpiritWolf
[Contest prize] Friendship by LuckyStarhun
Kagor and Ravath by 0laffson
you're my sun by wyum
Rascal by MidnightTiger8140
Reference Sheets
Lunta Design by KirasDarkLight
Fan Art
Looking At The Stars by Ghrian-hEireann
Photograpy and Photomanipulation
Hi, lunch! by woxys
Canine Nose Study by LizzardDraws

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We prefer to affiliate with groups active that are based on canines, felines, or any groups that are just animal based in general!!



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